Things That People Do On Facebook That Make Me Want To Punch Myself In The Face

  1. There is an icon on the Snapchat homescreen specifically for downloading images taken in the app. You do not have to screenshot the photo with all the menu options all over it and set it as your profile picture. It looks stupid.
  2. Your child/niece/cat is cute in your eyes but I do not need to see a new photo of it doing something average  every day
  3. You do not HAVE to post a status every single day. People are rarely interested in the fact that you have a lot of homework, or are currently watching a tv show.
  4. There is a special place in hell for people who post their grades online. No one is interested in how much better you did than them.
  5. Pictures of food. No.
  6. Pictures of sonograms. No.
  7. Typing lyk dis lol xoxox
  8. Posting a link to a highly controversial political/social article with a similarly controversial, offensive and opinionated paragraph on why everyone except you is wrong
  9. Raising awareness for various ailments or illnesses by posting a self righteous status. Usually accompanied by a selfie captioned with various ‘X awareness week’ hashtags. [see no. 10]
  10. Hashtagging on Facebook. #No.
  11. Linking tweets/instagram posts/activity on various unrelated websites to your timeline. Tedious and what the ‘hide all posts from….’ option was invented for.
  12. Candy Crush requests. We all love Candy Crush, but this fact should not affect our lives outside our commute.

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